To deliver a safe environment that enables students to flourish, broaden their outlook and enjoy the educational experiences UK school's, universities and colleges have to offer, along with providing reassurance and confidence for their families.

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We have designed bespoke safety and personal well being packages specifically for international students coming to the UK to study. We create and manage a safe and secure experience for both the students and their families. 

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Managing risk and creating a safe environment is what we do. Our experienced safety professionals are highly trained in personal security, personal wellbeing, risk mitigation, crime prevention and and crisis management. We are the student safety specialists. 

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The UK is one of the safest countries in the world but unfortunately there are risks everywhere. Whether external risks, ranging from road safety to mugging or even kidnapping, or the risks that come with new freedoms, such as drink or drug abuse or simply getting lost, the world can be more dangerous than a young person recognises.

At Student Safety UK, we provide personalised security and protection for international students visiting the UK to study at university, independent boarding school, college, day school or summer camp. Our student safety packages are designed to minimise the risk and threat to the student, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and support that will allow them to study and enjoy living in the UK.

We believe that everyone is different and that’s why we don’t offer a ready-made package solution, but offer a protection plan that is designed to meet the student’s needs and which will adapt as situations change, minimising risk throughout. From providing a comprehensive bespoke security plan to 24/7 assistance and a dedicated coordinator, our range of student security protection plans help students make the most of studying in the UK.


Quarter of students feel lonely, Unite survey suggests

11 Oct 2019

Students who feel high levels of isolation were more likely to feel dissatisfied with life, the report found. Just 57% of lonely students said they felt life was worthwhile, compared with 91% of students who weren’t lonely.


Record number of students seek university through clearing

07 Aug 2019

A record 17,420 of these found their places through the clearing service, which matches candidates with places once the results are in, the University and College Admissions Service said.


UK universities see 30% increase in Chinese applicants

30 Jul 2019

New data from UCAS has revealed that the number of UK university applicants from China has increased by 30% for the 2019/2020 academic year to 19,760, overtaking the 18,520 applicants from Northern Ireland.