What is Included

Student Safety UK is chosen by families from across the world to provide a safe environment, protection and reassurance for their children when they come to the UK to study.

The depth of our experience and knowledge remains unmatched in terms of creating personalised safe environments for our overseas clients. Our team of experts look after students aged from 11 to 25 years old throughout the UK, creating safe and enjoyable environments.

You want them to succeed and be happy and we are with you. That's why we deliver a first class service looking after your child and to be there when they need help.

Here is a breakdown of the services we provide. For our fees, please click here.



Personal Safety Coordinator Providing Availability To Student & Family - 7 days a Week 365 days

Each student will be assigned a regionally based safety coordinator. Coordinators are carefully selected for their safety and risk management experience, all possessing the qualities and expertise that is necessary to keep students safe and informed.

Our dedicated coordinators will guide and support the students and be there when they are needed. We choose people for their professionalism, enthusiasm, friendliness,  and empathy as well as their range of interests above their professional background.


Personal GPS Tracker (with SOS Speak Facility)


Each student has the option to take one of our GPS personal trackers. This technology allows us to identify where a student is when they need us combined with a press button talk facility.The tracker provides reassurance for families and independence for those they care about…at the press of a button. More information here... 


Comprehensive Safety and Security Assessment of Accommodation

Student coordinators will carry out an assessment of the safety and security issues of a students accommodation and provide a smoke alarm, lock and any other additional necessary security measures to keep the student and their belongings safe.



Personal Insurance Package

Personal belongings, term fee re-payment, transport costs (*1st Term)

Student Safety UK have negotiated a market leading insurance package for international students and covers the following incidents:
  • If the student needs to cut short or repeat their course due to accident or illness they will have their prepaid fees reimbursed
  • Covers the cost of bringing a relative to the UK to visit following a medical emergency
  • If a student is taken ill or has an accident, the insurance will pay medical costs which are not covered by the NHS
  • contents in student accommodation against fire, theft and flood for items such as laptops, mobiles etc. more..


Pre Departure Safety Presentation & Briefing + Communication Pack

Prior to coming to the UK, a member of our team will meet with families and students in their home country to present our services, and provide students with their Student Safety UK communication pack. This includes our GPS tracker, drug test kit, digital pack (details of coordinator, campus, accomodation, information of the area they will be living in), along with a pre-loaded UK sim card with emergency info and numbers.


Personal Safety Plan 


On arrival, each student will meet with their coordinator who will provide information and advice surrounding the students accomodation, personal safety and belongings. Further information will also be provided concerning going out and about.


Cultural & Local Risk Induction

We are committed to ensuring the students we care for are aware of the risks, dangers and issues that may effect them whilst they live in the UK. This information will be delivered to each student during the first weeks of the arrival to allow them to quickly understand the cultural differences of where they have come from and where they are now living.


Airport Pickup & Transfer to Accomodation

Each student will be offered a collection service on arrival into the UK. They will be greeted by our driver, and then simply sit back and relax whilst we take them and their belongings to their new accomodation, safely and hassle free.


Accomodation Advice Selection & Arrangement

Identifying and arranging accomodation in a foreign country can be challenging and problematic, particularly when the accomodation is to be called home. We are able to help students and their families find the right accomodation, in the right area with the right facilities. We can negotiate and liase with landlords to make sure the accomodation is suitable for our students and they will be happy in their new home.


Agency & Police Liasion

There are many occasions students find themselves dealing with organisations and authorities that they are not familiar with and require professional assistance and support. Our experts are able to act as representative and advocate for students keeping their interests in focus and make sure they are properly represented and receive the best advice. 


Overseas & UK Travel Briefings

Safety is a concern of all international travellers. We provide expert advice for students who wish to travel throughout the UK and overseas. We give them advice and personal briefings including safety and security, entry requirements, travel warnings and health issues. Wherever they are considering travelling to, we have the information to keep them safe.


24/7 Helpline for Students & Family

We know that situations and crisis can occur at any time, thats why we have a dedicated 24 hour helpline 7 days a week that our students can contact and receive help. This service is also offered to students families as we understand that parents may feel anxious about thir childs welfare and need reassurance that someone is there who can respond.


Assistance with Health Issues

A students health can be effected in many ways, physical injury, virus or mental health issues. Our coordinators are on hand to assist students who may need support or assitance in receiving the appropriate medical attention. Becoming ill is one of the most common reasons international students drop out of their course, because they have no-one to turn to. We are here to make sure they have someone, and can return to their studies feeling well again.  


Crisis Management & Support

Problems can occur in all manner of ways, and for an international student this problem can be daunting and magnified, simply because of the difference in culture and that they have no one to help them. With over 30 years experience in dealing with crisis and problems, there is no situation we cannot deal with. And for a student miles away from home, there is nothing better than having an expert and friend you can call on to help.


Financial Support & Assistance

Travelling to a foreign land and understanding the currency, setting up a bank account, not ecomng a victim of a scam are the issues we help our students with. Having in country local knowledge allows us to make sure our students are set up to handle UK currencies, and living in the UK on a day to day basis. 


Family Visit Assisitance Travel & Accomodation

Our students families care about their children and often attend the UK to visit them and check up on their progress and well-being. We are able to assist with their visits and make arrangements for their travel plans, accomodation and time here in the UK. From arranging airport pickup to creating an travel itineray, we can take care of it all.