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Arriving in the UK as a young person leaving family and friends behind can be a challenging and anxious time for both the student who is coming to study and the family who want to know their child is safe and well, and will remain so in a country far away. For the student it can be a lonely and worrying experience. New surroundings, different culture, new laws, diverse population and for some a different language, navigating these huge changes can be confusing, demanding and above all stressful, particularly alongside the task of starting a new learning curriculum. For the family, it is an equally difficult time, constantly asking the questions, are they safe, what happens if they fall ill, is there someone there we can call on to help, are they happy?

Helping You Along The Journey

At Student Safety UK, we accompany many families through this tough journey to make it as easy as possible for everyone. We’ve acquired a lot of experience and knowledge along the way and want to share it with you so that you are prepared and fully understand your options. 

We know that the UK can be a complex and sometimes difficult place to live. That’s why we’ve put together comprehensive personalised student welfare packages to help prevent incidents and difficult situations, maintain your wellbeing and also help you make the right choices when it comes to staying in the UK as an international student.

We are Here Becuse You Cant' Be

Our care and welfare plans have allowed international students to flourish and embrace all that is good from studying in the UK. They have stayed safe and confident, knowing that in times of difficulty they have a reassuring friend they can call upon for support guidance and professional assistance.

As an international student, studying away from home is a difficult and challenging time, but it doesn't have to be. Using the services and expert support of Student Safety UK we create a positive life experience that will ensure a students experience is a fulfilling and memorable time that they should look back on with fond memories .

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