Student Safety UK is an innovative and market leading venture supporting the International Student market attending the UK to study.

Our website and social media platform are designed to promote the business which clearly sets out our aim. As part of our evolving business strategy we are continually seeking agents and education recruitment professionals to assist us in the growth of our business.

The team behind Student Safety UK have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, and are highly accredited in protecting people. Our professional qualifications were gained from the British College of Policing, recognised worldwide as the centre of excellence, whilst serving as police officers.

Now operating in the private sector, we deliver protection and safety packages for clients across the globe.

Professionally we are qualified to the highest levels in managing threat, risk and personal safety. The quality of our work and reputation can be vouched for by persons within the police service and business executives in the UK and Asia.

Our care and protection packages are bespoke to meet each students circumstances and needs, creating a care plan for their welfare, accommodation, lifestyle and personal belongings. Our marketing material sets out in detail what we offer explaining the benefits of a student  and their family using our services.

As a team, we manage the students and working directly with UK guardianship's, colleges, schools, universities and strategic partners in the UK. 

Other members of our team are child protection and intelligence specialists who support the services that we provide as part of the package. We also have a Clinical Psychologist who is able to provide strategic advice to ourselves should that be required. All staff employed are required to be DBS checked, credit checked and to have undergone government vetting to at least SC level. 

From its inception, Student Safety UK has collaborated with UK government departments along with organisations such as Aegis, COBIS, British Council and other industry experts, to ensure the services we deliver are accepted as significant benefit to the well being and safety of overseas students.

Our current business strategy is to work alongside educational consultants, as well as providers and student guardianship's to incorporate our services into their packages or to sell them alongside.

We firmly believe that the services we offer will enhance the promotion of the UK as a safe and exciting place to study, with the added benefit of a professional body looking out for their welfare for each student and their family who employ us.

If you would like to work with us or find out more, get in touch through email,  or call us +44 (0)116 380 0514.

For more information call +44 (0) 116 380 0514