Our Australian Consultant - Tajveed Alam

Tajveed is the co-founder and managing director of Kangaroo Global who are one of the leading and most innovative International Education and Migration Services providers in the global market. Tajveed and his team help international students access the highest quality education from the best educational institutions in the most developed countries in the wo

rld. While ensuring a safe, comfortable, and exciting experience.

They don’t only understand, they also care. They aren’t just a business trying to profit off people who desire wish to take the journey of expanding their education. They are an organization founded on the goal of helping international students achieve their dreams of studying abroad and helping educational institutions provide their services to those willing to receive it.

The work Tajveed and his staff carry out on a daily basis complement the services we offer here at Student Safety UK - providing an excellent, safe and enjoyable experience whilst studying in the UK.

If you would like to contact Tajveed or a member of his team, please call +61 450587625 or email them at office.aus@studentsafetyuk.co.uk