The prospect of Brexit is making some students think twice, with one in five confessing that it is making the UK less attractive, and one in three indicating that they would be more interested if the country remained in the EU, a new survey by QS has found.

In a “pulse survey” of 3,000 prospective international students from the EU and otherwise, QS found about 20% said Brexit made them less interested in the UK, and 36% said that if the UK remained in the EU, they would be more likely to choose it for their university studies.

The motivations for those who said they would be more interested in the UK if it retained EU membership ranged from reputation to financial viability.

A large percentage of respondents said that if the UK remained in the EU it would prove the country is still welcoming to international students, while others said they thought it would make it easier for them to find a job after graduation.

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