Chinese Academics in UK Rise by 20%

China has been a major academic resource for UK universities, both in terms of students and academics. While they remain by far the most popular country of origin for around half a million international students in the UK, China also ranks among nations which are providing a high number of academics to UK universities.

During the 2017/18 academic year, over 7000 Chinese academics were working at UK universities. Compared to three years ago, when there were 5,895 academics coming from China an increase of 20% has been seen.

Further on, the Higher Education Statistics Agency in the UK, reveals that most of these academics were engaged in research projects. In absolute numbers, 2,975 Chinese academics in the UK as of 2017/18 were only doing research. On the other hand, those who were doing both research and teaching accounted for 2,935 academics. There were also 1,140 professors engaged in teaching.

With over than 100,000 students and over than 7,000 academics, Chinese students are the largest community of foreigners in the UK’s higher education. In the end, it is not hard to see why because UK universities have already established a firm global reputation, and if the trend remains during the upcoming years, the contribution of Chinese nationals to the UK’s academic life will increase significantly.