Creating A Winning Team

No matter what the make-up of a family, a family is a team. Each person plays a unique role in the structure and function of the family.

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 Each individual’s strengths, traits, and personality all contribute to part of the family team. Just like in a sports team, everyone has their function.

Even if one player might seem more important, missing that player or the role they play would hinder the function of the team. 

The definition of a team is more than one person working together towards a common goal. 

Goals in families might include educating all members of the family team, building and maintaining healthy relationships, and raising children to be successful adults.

 • Having trust among team members is an essential element in the family team. Kids and teens must have trust in their parents, parents must trust their kids, and parents must trust each other.

Student Safety UK is the winning team

• Appreciate differences of family team members. Know that all unique skills can contribute to the strength of the team. Where some team members fall short, others have the skills and capabilities to fill the gaps.

• Have clear expectations for team members. Make sure each team member understands their responsibilities.

• Communication is a major key in teams. Mis-communication creates conflict and stress. Being open and clear with team members creates strong communication.

• Conflict resolution is a needed skill in a team dynamic. There are times of conflict while working as team, having skills in effectively managing conflict without discouraging other team members is essential.

Of course it is easy to work as a team when things are going well, but when we face times of stress or crisis, teamwork is especially important. Team members with particular strengths take responsibility and control, and resolve the situation allowing the team to continue with their lives. 

At Student Safety UK we consider ourselves as extended members of our students family teams.

We possess the same the same core values, wants and objectives as our students parents do, for them to achieve, be successful in all they do and be happy.

Your family team is global and we are a part of it here in the UK.  

Student Safety UK look after the welfare, safety and well-being of international students from around the world.

Families from across the world use our services because they trust us. We are 100% client focused and are here for students and their families to make life in the UK a positive experience. We are the student safety specialists.