Our UAE Regional Director - Mariam Shaikh

Mariam is our senior UAE representative assisting families, students, schools and agents who wish to use our student services here in the UK.

Here is a little information about Mariam, and how she can be contacted. 

Ms. Mariam Shaikh has dedicated 35 years to the Gulf Region as an educationist, and her contribution is nothing short of par excellence, the landmark goals she has achieved in the GCC and Internationally, keeping consistently upbeat from the time Dubai decided it is going be the Educational Hub of the Region. The most recent position she held was Vice President of AMITY University for their Dubai Campus.

She started small in the early 80’s with her own Nursery School and has not looked back since. She went on to head many schools as their Principal and when big changes were happening in UAE in the field of Higher Education, she quickly moved on to target and develop the International market for the region. Subsequently, she sponsored a Foreign Campus for The University of New Brunswick at Dubai Knowledge Village, which was a pioneering move to encourage foreign Universities to set up their campuses in Dubai. She moved fast and higher up securing important key positions with various other renowned educational institutes such as The Canadian University of Dubai, Heriot Watt University from Scotland and Amity University of India in Dubai, and contributed actively towards the successful development of these institutions and foreign campuses, which saw the transformation in Dubai taking place, right from the initial launch of the Knowledge Village to the present Academic City.

She has spoken at several Conferences and news channels, foreign & local, to offer the world class educational facilities that have been established at the Academic City. She has traveled extensively in the region as a Brand Ambassador, individually, as well as in a delegation, with various education agendas, and has contributed relentlessly to establishing Dubai as the educational hub that dispenses world class education from this region, through various world renowned international institutions.

She is very passionate about her work and socially active. She has held the position of President of the Indian Ladies Association and is an active member of the Canadian Business Council. She strongly believes in the development of society through education, it's value system, to leave a profound legacy for the future generation.  She is of the opinion that international exposure and amalgamation of various cultures will help to create a tolerant and peaceful global society that will be progressive and will establish a bright future .

In March 2019 , she was awarded the GCC Woman of the Year Award for Leadership in a ceremony at the capital, Abu Dhabi. Followed by The Global Super Achiever Award in Mumbai India in February 2020 for Internationally promoting education. 

Mariam continues to strive forward for the students globally assisting them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Mariam has offices in Dubai, and is available to meet face to face or via alternative communication channels. She is here to support and guide families through our international student services, company processes and to answer any questions or queries that families and students may have.

If you would like to contact Mariam, she can be reached on  + 971509274901, alternatively email her at mariam@studentsafetyuk.co.uk.


Our Dubai Consultant- Mr Sunil Peter 

Sunil is our Dubai representative assisting families, students, schools and agents who wish to use our student services here in the UK.

Here is a little information about Sunil, and how he can be contacted.

Sunil has over 20 years experience in the education industry - Academic [CBSE /ICSE & BRITISH Curriculum], and has extensive knowledge in the education human resource arena and general administration of educational institutions both in India & U. A. E.

Sunil is an approachable and extremely knowledagable professional who has built up his expertise in a wide range of administrative educational formats.

Sunil is an effective communicator and speaks with authority and integrity and is able to provide insight into international study and what parents and students need to consider when attending the UK to study.

If you would like to contact Sunil, he can be reached on  +971 55 854 5035, alternatively email him at sunil@studentsafetyuk.co.uk.