FREE Student Insurance Cover

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are, even the most organised of students can be caught unaware by the chaos that is freshers’ week. From signing up for courses to getting to know your flatmates, it can sometimes be difficult to find your feet for those first few weeks – especially when you’re living in a new place surrounded by new people!

Foe even the best prepared and careful student, problems can occur. A mobile phone left on the train, a wallet taken from a jacket, or a laptop stolen from a cafe. We understand that these things happen, particulalrly in a new environment with unknown features.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

Student Safety UK have teamed up with the UK's leading student insurance providers, Endsleigh Insurance.

Endsleigh are the only insurance brokers recommended by the The National Students Union along with being consecutive winners of the UK Insurance Choice Awards for best student insurance provider for the past few years.

Our collaboration has allowed us to provide to each student signed up for our services to receive a FREE first term insurance pack* that includes:



What's Covered?

  • Student Personal Contents Cover 
  • Term Fees in Case of Illness 
  • Transport Costs for a Parent 
  • Legal Expenses to Cover Any Unexpected Legal Matter 



Gadgets, mobiles, cash, personal belongings, clothing etc..

Recover term fees if hospitalised or have to return home due to serious illness

If the student is hospitalised due to serious illness the transport costs for one family member are met to bring them to the UK

To cover eventualities such as personal injury to themselves or another

This package provides our students and families the reassurance that if anything should happen to their personal belongings they have adequate cover to renew them new for old and with little fuss, allowing the student to get on with their studies and enjoying their time in the UK.

Find out more about the student insurance services Endsleigh Insurance provide to international students here

*Our free insurance policy is for the students first term here in the UK (subject to conditions)