Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive. If the question you have is not answered here, please get in touch by clicking on Contact Us.

Question: Who are Student Safety UK?

Student Safety UK are a UK registered company providing personal welfare and safety packages for international students studying in the UK. This allows the students and their families to have a support network present in the UK that are capable of dealing with all aspects of a students time living in the UK. From accommodation, personal safety, well-being, transport, insurance, crisis management, health matters, and study problems, all are covered, along with each student having a personal support coordinator to be there for them and their family 24/7.    

Question: From what age do you offer safety & welfare packages to overseas students?

Our packages start at children aged 11 and above all the way through to students obtaining Phd’s, Masters and beyond.

Question: Which universities & schools do you provide your services to?

Our team of coordinators cover the whole of the UK including Wales and Scotland, and are located regionally so all schools and universities have a coordinator that it is responsible for their location. (At present we are unable to cover Northern Ireland).

Question: Are your security coordinators available 24/7 by students and their parents?

Our coordinators and support staff are contactable 24/7, either by the student or their families back home. Because our coordinators are regionally based, they are usually able to attend to a student crisis within an hour.

Question: Do you offer guardianship services?

We are not a guardianship and although we offer some services similar to what a guardianship would offer, we are far more than that and deliver all the services we offer in house, not provided by a third part or sub agent.

Question: Are all of your employees vetted?

All our staff are vetted and checked out thoroughly. All the SSUK team come from a background of aw enforcement or social care and have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out their role professionally at all times.

Question: Do you work with educational agents and consultants?

Student Safety UK has established a global network of educational agents who have a passion for what we do. These colleagues are able to explain who we are and how our services benefit the young persons experience here in the UK clearly and honestly outlining what families can expect when they sign up for our services.  

Question: Do you work with educational professionals in the UK?

Student Safety UK partners with recognised experts in their field. Prior to collaborating with these institutions, we carry out due diligence into their background to ensure they represent the same ethics and working practices as ourselves. When we recommend a service to parents outside of the services we provide, we do so transparently and with no benefit to ourselves. Our intention is to provide the families and student with the most appropriate and beneficial support they require.  

Question: Do provide psychological support to students?

If we encounter a student who is struggling with mental health or emotional issues, we are able to signpost them to recognised experts who are able to help them. Our team of coordinators are all mental health awareness trained, and this allows us to intervene at an early stage with a student who is experiencing difficulties.

Question: How often do you contact the students when they are in the UK?

Our coordinators are in regular contact with their students, usually once a week, but some students prefer more regular contact which is accommodated. Likewise, some students prefer contact every other week, but coordinators agree this plan with the students in the early part of their arrival. We appreciate that students will direct what they feel is comfortable in terms of contact with us. Alongside the regular contact between student and coordinator, our staff arrange regular social events that our students attend such as cinema evenings, meals out or a trip to London.

Question: What can you do for students during the Corona Virus outbreak?

We are able to provide students with both emotional and physical support. As well as coordinate and assist with medical issues if a student becomes ill or quarantined. During the 1st phase of the pandemic, we obtained key worker status and was able to provide students with essentials, food and medicines, as well as ensuring they did not become or feel isolated and abandoned. On lone social activities were arranged along with regular physical visits (socially distanced) to provide that real human interaction that some students were missing out on.

Question: Do the fees cover term time or the whole year?

Our fees are for 365 days a week, as we understand that most students will remain in the UK during the holidays, therfore we continue to provide our services irrespective of whether they are at school, college or university.

Question: Do you sub contract any of your services out to a third party?

All of our services are delivered by Student Safety UK staff. Our team of experts are specifically trained and skilled at looking after young people and ensuring they remain safe. We also pride ourselves in being able to understand identify potential risks that may impact our students life here in the UK.

Question: Are you able to assist with repatriation or arrange flights to exit the UK?

Yes, we work with a number of specialist aviation companies who we are able to charter flights across the world, along with arranging the documentation and flights out of the UK back to their home country. This service is provided additionally and discreetly.

We hope you have found this page useful. If you have a specific question or wish to discuss a matter that we havent covered, please feel free to drop us an email to