What a Year 2021 Was!

The landscape of student wellbeing has changed significantly over the past 2 years. Not only has the Covid pandemic had a huge impact on student behaviour, distance learning, staff strikes and the control of movement has seriously affected the student experience.

These circumstances have led for a spike in demand for our services, not only from private families, but also from foreign state departments who are responsible for the sponsorship of their students attending UK universities.

Parents and guardians are increasingly aware of the issues international students face, and with the inevitable demand on higher education resources, they want to be sure their son or daughter is properly supported.

The circumstances all students have found themselves in has created an immense set of challenges to student wellbeing in a generation. Issues around mental health, isolation, a lost sense of family and support, along with worries regarding finance, health and employment are becoming extremely common, creating anxiety and uncertainty, with no clear direction or outcome in sight.

International students choose a foreign place for learning to enable them to receive a first-class education, experience new cultures and communities and gain a greater understanding of the world.

What they also want is a feeling of security, safety as well as a support network that can deal with the variety of demands and issues they will face as a young person living in a foreign land.

Over the past 2 years, Student Safety UK, have continually delivered our services to ensure none of our students felt as though they had to face the circumstances alone.

When students faced lockdown regulations, we delivered PPE equipment, medical supplies, food and Covid testing kits. We arranged online social events and created virtual communities, so students felt they were not facing the pandemic alone.

We established a communication channel that allowed students to speak with one of our mental health trained staff in a confidential and friendly environment, connecting those that required further intervention and support with the appropriate professionals.

When lockdowns momentarily ceased, we organised events and gatherings so students could re-connect with friends and social groups.

Throughout this journey of self development and learning for us as a business and our students, we have taken on the challenges the last 2 years has thrown at us and remained positive in our endeavours.  

We will wait to see what 2022 brings, but one thing for sure is that we have our students welfare, health and safety at the core of what we do.

Happy New year