We Are Here To Help Students Land Their Dream Job

International students, in the eyes of employers, boast a range of qualities which domestic students can find difficult to demonstrate in an interview process. This is great news for a student choosing to study abroad! Successfully applying for a job is all about making an impression quickly and accentuating your positives; an international student, can do all of these in a number of ways.

This is where Student Safety UK international student advisers step in. We help foreign students plot a course to jobs in the UK or abroad. Although alot of international students initially intend to return home after receiving their degree, in reality many change their mind.

International students face a difficult road ahead, dealing with issues their domestic counterparts do not: adjusting to a new country’s norms and culture, learning new skills, and abiding by numerous regulations to find work upon graduation. Back home, many jobs are obtained through the extended family.

The numbers of international students coming to the UK are growing. At many UK higher educational institutions, there are substantial numbers of international students in the entire student population, which demonstrates the growing need for guidance  about what they will do upon graduation.

Balancing Expectations

Many international students feel a great deal of pressure to secure a job upon graduation. Their parents have invested a lot of money to send their children to a UK university and they expect a lot in return. For foreign families, their focus is obtaining a recognised role that earns a good salary, which may be contrary to what the student wishes to do. Here at Student Safety UK, we try to help students find a career that satisfies both the family's wishes and those of the student. It’s finding the right balance to the satisfaction of both parties.

Martin Tillman, president of Global Career Compass and former associate director of career services at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. states “The principal driving force for international students is the return on investment. Costs for education are increasing and the marketplace is more competitive, making it more difficult for bright, motivated international students to secure good jobs.”

Teamwork Pays Off

The areas we concentrate on are vocational aspirations, developing skills, and providing contacts, international student can utilise in order to get their preferred career. Together, we create the tools an international student needs to obtain employment in the UK or abroad, or to go on for further education. One-on-one and group sessions, orientations, and workshops, as well as seminars and presentations with global businesses are facilitated to give students an understanding and insight into the areas of employment they are interested in.

These modules and seminars are a great place for students to ask questions and exchange ideas and thoughts with fellow students along with receiving advice and guidance form our team of student support staff who are always on hand to offer support through the whole job seeking process.

Overcoming Cultural Hurdles

When working with international students, it is important for us to understand the cultural differences that exist between our students and the UK way of life. We don’t want our students to feel that they need to change their culture in order to work in the UK, but at the same time we have to talk about how things work differently here.

This includes everything from preparing a CV and interviews to dress style. We want our students to be as prpared as they can be and make the right impressions from the monet they enter the application process.

In the UK, good interviewing and networking techniques are necessary for new job seekers. Our coordinators spend a great deal of time preparing international students in these skills. From rehearsing interview techniques and answering questions to completing mock analytical and psychometric tests, we consider everything an international student may face.

We also help our international students become comfortable with the small talk that goes on during interviews, and ensure they possess relevant questions themselves that they may wish to present to the interviewer.

Creating Connections

All of our student coordinators understand the importance of networking, using every opportunity to make contacts with those in the students preferred industry. By bringing experts and employers in front of the students creates opportunities for international students to connect with those who might aid in their job search. Panel discussions, career symposiums, and informal get-togethers provide insight into specific industries, as well as useful contacts.

We also coordinate the visit to networking events and career fairs in various cities in the UK to link international students with employers.

Going Forward

International students find their job seeking experiences with Student Safety UK to be extremely helpful, constructive and positive. 

“Our goal is to support student success,” says Gaynor Frith Student Safety UK Lead Coordinator. “It’s a collective effort that involves us, families back home and the student. If they succeed in landing their dream job, then we have succeeded too".