Looking After the Needs of Disabled Students

Every year thousands of students leave the comforts of home and family, and cross  the globe to commence their journey of becoming an international student, but only a tiny percentage of them are students with disabilities.  

Within the UK population of overseas students, there is approximately 6% of students with disabilities who enroll as an international student.

The reality is, many students with disabilities have additional support needs which many fear won’t be met in the host institution, so in the end, the majority are afraid to take the risk to participate in international study programmes.

At Student Safety UK we are committed to the comprehensive provision of services for ALL students coming to the UK to study, including those with a disability, mobility impairments, learning difficulties or health issues that restrict their ability to carry out certain tasks.

We are firm believers in helping disabled students to get out and about and enjoy themselves whilst studying here in the UK. Whether its issues surrounding accommodation, transport, access to learning facilities or social activities, our emphasis is on solutions and ways to help. 

What we can do:

  • Assessthe accessibility and suitability of accommodation in the UK for the student.
  • Carry out assessments at the students place of learning for suitability of access
  • Liaise with students bodies in terms of assistance with studying and access to specialist study materials (for students diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, anxiety etc),
  • Arrange specialist transport for movement around UK
  • Provide on hand specialist medical support in case of emergency
  • Act as representative / advocate for matters relating to their access and learning
  • Create a personal care plan to cover the students time here in the UK

If you would like to know more about the bespoke services we offer international disabled students, email us at office@studentsafetyuk.co.uk.