Our Jordan Consultant - Manal- Khalil Amr

Manal is our Jordan representative assisting families, students, schools and agents who wish to use our student services here in the UK.

Here is a little information about Manal, and how she can be contacted. 

Throughout her professional career, Manal has worked in Immigration consulting, getting a good idea of immigration policies for prospective students, and understanding the process of moving and settling into another country.

She set up her own consulting office in 2000 and has compiled abundant experience since then. With her numerous skills, established network and vast knowledge of the process, she aims at connecting people to our services in an efficient and informed manner.

Manal offers parents, students, schools and education personnel, professional advice and guidance, and acts as the link to the students life at home and the team of experts who will look after them when they arrive in the UK.    

If you would like to contact Manal, she can be reached on +962799137575, alternatively email her at manal.jordan@studentsafetyuk.co.uk.