Our Nepalese Consultant - Khem Raj Timsina

Mr Khem Raj Timsina has over 10 years experience in the global field of international study.

He has had significant involvement in all aspects of the international study process from beginner level to visa approval level. He is extremely knowledagble regarding student counselling, career guidance, the visa processes and selection and an excellent awareness  of international studies.

He enjoy's the assignment of his duties with key dedication and is passionate in the world of social networking. He is a strong believer in the punctuality of work in order to receive pay back of his enthusiasm. A dedicated and consumate education professional, he makes himself available to assist in all matters concerning international study including the all important aspect of student welfare.

Khem has mastered his skills of leadership, counseling, networking and public relation which he makes great use of when dealing with Nepalese families who wish to send their children to the UK to study.

Khem is a personable and professional student counsellor who is able to provide families with an invaluable insight and advice surrounding the international student environment. 

Khem is a great addition to the Student Safety UK team and is able to provide the link between our team in the UK, and families in Nepal who are using our services to look after their son or daughter studying here. 

If you would like to speak with Khem he can be contacted on +977-9851222992, alternatively you can email him at khem.nepal@studentsafetyuk.co.uk