Most universities will teach in-person this autumn

19 Jun 2020

The vast majority of UK universities are preparing to provide in-person teaching this autumn, a new survey from Universities UK has revealed. 97% of universities surveyed* confirmed that they will provide in-person teaching at the start of term this year, with 78 universities (87%), also stating that they will offer in-person social opportunities to students, including outside events and sporting activities, all in line with government and public health guidance.


The Challenges of Covid 19

01 Jun 2020

Directot of operations of Student Safety UK Stephen Helliwell joins David Hawkins to discuss how best to prepare students to be safe while attending university in the UK, and also the particular challenges that the team at Student Safety UK face in helping international students in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.


Protecting your investment

13 May 2020

Following the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the work that Student Safety UK offers has been brought into focus with the welfare and well being of all students being of concern during these unprecedented times. Issues such as student accommodation, medical assistance, food supplies and mental health have been highlighted as serious concerns both for the immediate situation, but also the future.


Coronavirus: Online students face full tuition fees

05 May 2020

University students in England will still have to pay full tuition fees even if their courses are taught online in the autumn, the government has said. "We don't believe students will be entitled to reimbursement if the quality is there," universities minister Michelle Donelan said. But the university sector's request for a £2bn bail-out has been rejected.


International Students Face Uncertain Months Ahead

18 Mar 2020

UK universities are shifting to online learning and exams to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but many students are anxious that this isn’t happening fast enough. “We have no idea what the future six months will hold,” he says. “It could mean that visa holders will not be allowed back into the country on our university’s sponsorship. I would hate to go back to the States and be stuck there unable to complete my studies.”


Coronavirus in the UK

26 Feb 2020

Based on the World Health Organization’s declaration that this is a public health emergency of international concern, the UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate. This permits the government to plan for all eventualities. The risk to individuals remains low.


Top universities to give more places to disadvantaged

10 Feb 2020

Top universities in England have been told to significantly increase places for disadvantaged youngsters. The university watchdog, the Office for Students, wants the "access gap" between wealthier and poorer students to be halved in five years.


Fears over student buildings across the UK after Bolton blaze

06 Jan 2020

A student union has called for urgent safety checks on university accommodation as firefighters investigate the effect of cladding on a blaze which destroyed a block of flats in Bolton.


Student Safety UK Welcome Students From Vietnam

09 Dec 2019

The number of Vietnamese students coming to the UK is set to rise significantly due to the popularity of the country for tourism and manufacturing. We met with families and agents who want use our services in 2020.


University staff to strike

21 Nov 2019

Xenophobia in the system’: university staff launch fightback against hostile environment. With overseas academics being deported or denied permission to work, some colleagues are saying enough is enough.


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