Our Nigeria & Ghana Consultant - Solomon Fache

Solomon is our Nigeria & Ghana representative assisting families, students, schools and agents who wish to use our student services here in the UK.

Solomon is based in Abuja, Nigeria and has been working in the International Education industry for over 10 years. His expertise is in business development and marketing. Solomon is very passionate about his chosen career because he finds it provides him with a great deal of personal satisfaction, and believes bright and positive thinking children and their families can benefit in so many ways receiving an international educattion, particularly in the UK.
Solomon strongly believes that through his profession, he is changing lives through education

Being a parent himself, Solomon fully understands the value of investing in a child’s welfare and their safety, particularly when they are a long way from home and find themselves in a totally different culture to what they are used to. 

Solomon offers parents, students, schools and education personnel, professional advice and guidance, and acts as the link to the students life at home and the team of experts who will look after them when they arrive in the UK.    

If you would like to contact Solomon, he can be reached on +(234) 703 7232538, alternatively email him at solomon@studentsafetyuk.co.uk.