Making Life Easy For International Students

The depth of our experience remains unmatched in terms of creating a personalised safe environment for our overseas clients. From the moment they arrive, they benefit from the support network of their own personal dedicated coordinator.  

International students commence their journey to studying in te UK by meeting our in country representatives who are able to give them advice and an understanding of what we do for overseas students when they arrive in the UK.

Our coordinators have been established with one objective in mind: providing the best possible service for our clients. Multinational and multi-disciplined, our people are drawn from backgrounds including professional services, such as the Police, military, the social care sector and the education industry. Our team passionately believe that its ability to collaborate among diverse skillsets and experience creates the best outcomes for our clients.

With a team of experts covering the whole of the UK, each coordinator has a responsibility for a particular region of the UK, ensuring students have immediate access to professional support, advice and guidance 24/7.

Here at Student Safety UK, we foster a climate wherby our coordinators work in an environment of belonging and purpose, so they can deliver what our clients need: care, support, and reassurance. We offer our clients more than just a service.

Our coordinators are mature professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in crisis management, personal safety, as well as matters surrounding security, health and studying in the UK.

Student Safety UK provide specialist services for disabled students, read here for more information.

Student Safety UK is chosen by families from across the world to provide care, protection and reassurance for their children when they come to the UK to study. Read here why we are the sensible choice.

Safety Packages for International University Students

Our university student welfare packages are designed to take away the worry and fear that may exist when a young person is away from home and relocating to a new country to study. We deliver a real time welfare support and crisis management service, as well as promoting a safe and risk free environment, whereby students and their families can be confident that we are available 24/7 if a problem arises.


Boarding School Packages for Overseas Students

The UK is increasing in its popularity for overseas students to attend the best education providers in the world. We believe the UK is one of the safest countries to study, but we are not complacent to the risks and problems that exist. That's why we have created an enhanced safety package for boarding school students and guardianship companies.


Summer Schools, Language Schools & Pathway Courses

Summer Courses are designed for international students who want to study abroad in a British Boarding School, but would like a taste of what they can expect. To ensure their visit remains safe and secure and that they are not put at risk or come to harm, Student Safety UK have created an exclusive short term safety plan that keeps the young person protected specifically for short term visitors.


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