Strategic Partnerships with Student Safety UK

Our work with agents, advisors, counsellors and consultants centres around promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity. Maintaining quality relationships with valued partners is a core component of our strategy.

Student Safety UK works with recognised recruitment agencies across the world, enabling us to provide students a unique private security service allowing them to follow their paths to academic success. As an education agent, you provide a crucial connection between Student Safety UK and potential students and their families.

Valued Partners

We have excellent partnerships with education agents and specialist service providers around the world, but we’re always interested in building more. Whatever the size of your agency, we would be happy to discuss with you our services.

As an agent partnered with Student Safety UK, you will open up a whole range of exceptional services for your students. We are currently partnered with agents concerned in recruiting students to study in UK schools, colleges and universities.

Benefits of Working with Us

Working as a strategic partner with Student Safety UK we ensure you receive our fullest attention, providing you with a single point of contact and access to our online resources. We provide online and offline resources for the purpose of becoming familiar with our services delivering training and support for all of our agent partners.

Student Safety UK prides itself on delivering consistently exceptional service levels to the students and their families, allowing agents to benefit from this status, enhancing their own reputation and standing within the educational agent market place.

If you’d like to work with us as a partner agent or agency, we’d like to hear from you.

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