Student Safety UK Ltd- Student Safety Packages 

Our Terms and Conditions

1. Appointment

    1. Appointment: You hereby appoint Student Safety UK Ltd  to provide specific safety & wellbeing services for the student whilst they are studying at an educational establishment in the UK, which will include any time they are away from the premises during weekends and term breaks.
  1. Duration of this agreement

2.1 Duration: We will act as a safety & welfare consultant from the time that the student arrives in the UK, until the time the student leaves the UK. These dates will be set out in the Student Safety Plan. The dates are inclusive of whether the student is at the educational establishment  or away during weekends, evenings, bank holidays, Easter and Christmas holidays and the half term breaks.

  1. Parents and Students over 18 years old authorities and declarations

3.1 Parental responsibility: The parent(s) confirm that they have parental responsibility (i.e. sole legal responsibility) for the student and that no other person’s consent is required for this agreement.

3.2 Authority: You confirm that you authorise Student Safety UK Ltd to act as wellbeing consultants in line with the details and dates expressed within the Student Safety Plan.

3.3 Confidentiality:  You authorise Student Safety UK Ltd to override your own (and so far as you are entitled to do so) the students rights of confidentiality, in order to impart confidential information on a “need to know” basis where necessary to safeguard, protect or promote the students welfare, or to avert a perceived risk of serious harm to the student or a third person. At some time the university, college, school or agency may need to be given details as to any vulnerability surrounding the  student.

3.4 Disclosures: You confirm that you have already provided and will continue to provide us with details of any security threat or medical condition, health problem, disability, special educational need, or learning difficulty of the Student as well as any behavioural, emotional and / or social difficulty of the student, in a separate confidential letter. You confirm that you will inform us straight away if these details change.

3.5 Behaviour: We attach great importance to having an honest relationship with the student and family and that there is a mutual expectation of trust, integrity respect and good discipline. The family and student agree to these principles of behavior.

  1. Parents responsibilities

4.1 Visa: The parents will ensure that the appropriate visa is obtained for the students stay in the UK. Student Safety UK Ltd do not play any part in the application process and are not suitably qualified to assist.

4.2 Insurance: The parents will ensure that suitable and adequate insurance cover is in place to cover any potential issues that may arise during the students stay in the UK. Student Safety UK Ltd do not play any part in the application process and are not suitably qualified to assist. We recommend using an accredited broker to assist.

4.3 Indemnity: You agree to indemnify us against any liability which we may incur in respect of breach of a duty of care and/or breach of contract caused by (or  contributed to by) anything which you or the Student does, or fails to do, in the performance of this agreement.

4.4 Payment:  You agree to pay the Fees in accordance with the provisions on Fees set out in section 8 below, and to terminate this agreement only in accordance with the provisions on notice set out in section 9 below.

  1. Student Safety UK responsibilities

5.1 Responsibilities: Except when detailed within the Student Safety Plan our responsibilities only arise when the student is in the UK and the inclusive dates within, unless otherwise specified.

5.2 To act as safety & wellbeing consultant: We agree to act as Safety & Wellbeing Consultants for the student for the periods set out in the Student Safety Plan, and as defined at section 2.1

5.3 Safeguarding:  We undertake to carry out appropriate checks of all our employees, agents and contracted personnel, including Disclosure and Barring Service check, who will come into contact with the student.

5.4 Contact with the educational establishment: We will ensure we are contactable and accessible with the educational establishment. We will ensure they are aware of our role and maintain a professional relationship with them.

5.5 Contact with the student: We will keep in regular contact with the student in line with the Student Safety Plan.  The student can contact us at all times in an emergency. If the student is in immediate danger then the personnel alarm should be utilised or the agreed emergency strategy, and the necessary support will be provided.

5.6 Other responsibilities: We agree to carry out the services that are detailed within the Student Safety Plan and in line with the services you have paid for at Appendix 1

  1. Fees

6.1 Fees: All fees are payable in advance. Any additional expenses or additional costs  that fall outside the Student Safety Plan will be agreed, whenever possible, in advance with parent or student.

6.2 Fee rates: The fee rates are set out in the fees list. Fee levels will be reviewed each year and there will be reasonable increases from time to time.

6.3 Late payment: All fees need to be paid in advance and therefore no service will be provided if fees are withheld or not made on time

6.4 Refund/waiver: Fees will not be waived or refunded:

  • For absence through sickness
  • If a school term is shortened or vacation extended
  • due to a problem with the visa
  • or for any cause other than exceptionally and at the sole discretion of the Student Safety UK Operation Director or if there is a provision within the Student Safety Plan or this agreement to make a refund.

This is necessary so that Student Safety UK Ltd can properly budget for its expenditure and to ensure that the cost of individual default does not impact on other students and our services.

  1. Termination of the agreement and notice

7.1 Termination by student or parent: Where notice is given, in writing, to cancel the services provided by Student Safety UK Ltd. We will immediately withdraw our services and recover any equipment that has been provided in line with the Student Safety Plan. We reserve the right to charge for any additional expenses incurred in this process.

  1. Termination due to the student or parents conduct: We may deem it necessary to terminate this agreement immediately if, after consultation with the Parent(s) and where appropriate the Student, we are of the opinion that by reason of the Student’s conduct, behaviour or progress, the Student is unwilling or unable to benefit sufficiently from the arrangements, or if you have treated us or a member of our staff unreasonably. We shall act with procedural fairness in all such cases, and shall have regard to the interests of the Parent(s) and the Student.

9. Withdrawal by the student

9.1 We will notify you immediately if the Student decides to leave the educational provider or their place of residence, but this will not constitute termination of this Agreement. The rules on notice set out in section 9 above will apply. If the Student cannot be contacted, we will take reasonable steps to re-establish contact and will notify the authorities if appropriate. We will not, however, incur any additional cost unless we have the Parent(s) prior authority and payment in advance.

  1. Legal liability

10.1 Unless negligent or guilty of some other wrongdoing causing injury, loss or damage, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from or caused by any act or omission by us, any of our staff or the Student or any loss or damage that results if you have not provided us with requested or relevant information about yourselves or the Student.

  1. Data Protection

11.1 Please see our separate policy regarding the storage, retention, management and use of data arising from your contact with Student Safety UK Ltd.

  1. Complaints and problems

12.1 You must notify us at once if you or the student has a problem or concern with, or wishes to make a complaint against, any member of our staff. In the first instance please contact Paul Telford or, if the complaint concerns Paul Telford then please contact Stephen Helliwell.

  1. Third party rights

13.1 Only Student Safety UK Ltd, and the Parent(s) or mature student are parties to this agreement. Neither the Student (except mature student) or any third party is a party to it. The acts and omissions of the Parent(s) or mature student are binding on the Student and vice versa as to any matter of behaviour, discipline and fees. 13.2 All requests and authorities by the Parent(s) or mature student are treated as being made on behalf of the Student and vice versa.

  1. Legal Contract

14.1 A legally binding contract will be formed once a person duly authorised by Student Safety UK Ltd has signed and dated this agreement, which has previously been signed by the Parent(s) or mature student. Please sign and return a copy of the Student Safety Agreement Contract.

  1. Governing Law

15.1 This agreement is governed exclusively by and is to be construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.