Student Travel in the UK & Overseas

Planning a trip is a lot of fun - scouring the internet for cheap flight tickets, choosing a picture-perfect beach to wake up to, listing down all the restaurants and cafes you'd like to visit and a whole lot more!

Having Student Safety UK assist with the planning and organising, provides a safety net to avoid the problems and unforeseen events that can occur when abroad.

We understand risk and can see problems before they occur, so who better than us to help plan that perfect getaway.

Whether it’s a walking holiday around Britain, sightseeing in Europe and skiing in the Alps or backpackin

g in the Far East, we can provide support, help and guidance in making plans, that will keep students safe.

We are able to provide our knowledge and experience in helping students plan their journey, accommodation and travel itinerary, so our students have all they need for the adventure they are seeking.

There's nothing better than having someone there who's done it and can share that knowledge and insight.