Personal GPS Trackers - Another Layer of Personal Safety

We know that personal safety is the top priority for parents when they send their child off to the UK to study. That's why we have been using personal GPS trackers for several years. They are the ideal way to for us to keep track of people when they want to know someone is looking out for them.

We provide all our students with a small compact GPS tracker that is also equipped with a discreet SOS button if they find they are in trouble or need help. Pressing the button connects them to one of our call handlers who will handle the enquiry and resolve the situation.

Our personal trackers allow us to locate students quickly and efficiently in the event of crisis or incident. Each device is monitored 24/7 by a central control room who are on hand to respond and monitor.

  • Locate students in the vicinity of an incident whether its crime, natural disaster, or terrorism
  • Capture their safety status in real time
  • Send information and advice
  • Attend quickly to those in need of help or assistance
  • Pinpoint exact location for emergency services

Each of our students receives one of these trackers, along with charging cables as part of our personal safety package. They will receive instructions on its use and what to do if they lose it.

A GPS locator gives us an extra layer of protection and safety for our international students here in the UK.

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