Police are set to increase their patrols at a leading UK University after a spate of attacks on Chinese students living in a suburb of Coventry.

A number of Chinese students studying at the University of Warwick have reported attacks on them in recent weeks to both police and the university themselves - which has described the incidents as "troubling".

One student interviewed revealed that she had even been bitten in an attack at accommodation in that area. She said: "I was scared to go out by myself, even to reception.

"I had friends, if I wanted to go buy some food or something like that, I'd ask them to accompany me."

Another student, Lee, also a Chinese student studying at the university, said: "What we are concerned right now about is how should the Chinese and other international students be safely studying around the University of Warwick.

"This is not the first time the same kind of hate crime happened. It's also about our property as well as our personal lives.

"It's a really very serious issue. Generally speaking, there are more than 13 people who have experienced the same kind of problem."

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