Our Focus Is Supporting Our Students Through The Crisis

Following the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the work that Student Safety UK offers has been brought into focus with the welfare and well being of all students being of concern during these unprecedented times. Issues such as student accommodation, medical assistance, food supplies and mental health have been highlighted as serious concerns both for the immediate situation, but also the future.

A significant number of overseas students have, for a number of reasons been unable to return home causing anxiety and distress not only for the student, but for their families back home generating a high number of students remaining under the tutelage of their respective university.

We understand the enormous pressure of demand universities are facing in terms of providing support and assistance to all students in their custody, so provision of the private services we offer has been embraced both by the student who feel personally reassured, but equally as important their family back home who are comforted by our presence and immediacy of support.   

In late February Student Safety UK implemented their crisis and emergency plans, making sure all their students were properly protected, creating a bespoke care plan for each student catering for their individual situations and requirements. An effective communications strategy was also established, ensuring they fully understood UK government guidelines and laws surrounding the virus lock down, as well as what to do if they displayed symptoms of the virus and the support that we were able to provide to them.

As the pandemic continues to create uncertainty and turmoil for the UK student population, we persist in delivering warranted methods of support, both logistically and socially for the students in our care, swiftly addressing any problems or issue they are facing.

The situation is not going to end anytime soon, therefore we must do everything we can do to protect and care for our students and see them through these onerous times.   

Student Safety UK is chosen by families from all over the world to provide welfare services, expert support, guidance and reassurance for international students attending the UK to study, along with providing support for their families back home.

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