Personal Safety & Care Packages for Language & Summer School Students

Choosing Student Safety UK is the right choice for making sure your child is safe while enjoying their experience studying in the UK.

The decision to send your child abroad can be complex. Many parents wish their children to speak fluent English and live in a western culture, as well as experiencing extra-curricular activities which may be unavailable at home and which colleges and
universities see as evidence that students have well-rounded backgrounds. They will also want them to enjoy trips around the UK to places of interest.

However, safety at UK summer schools presents a number of unique challenges not faced by schools teaching students during term-time, when schools typically have a defined perimeter and controlled access points. Camps can be open, their borders often marked by little more than a tree line, and everyone involved in their safety and well-being acknowledges the need to strike a balance between safety and preserving the sense of freedom and openness emblematic of the study camp experience.

Additionally, students from other countries may not understand the rules put in place for their safety. They may be tempted to try alcohol or drugs. And of course the trips and activities expose the children to risks such as getting lost, road safety or even becoming a victim of crime.

At Student Safety UK we are well equipped to face these challenges and have created a distinctive student personal safety package that reduces the risks and threats to children, when on site at their host school and when out exploring the UK cities and countryside .

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