Personal Safety & Care Services for Students Studying at UK Boarding Schools

Student Safety UK have been managing risk and protecting individuals since 1987 and was developed to ensure that overseas boarders, students and their families feel less vulnerable and more secure whilst studying in the UK.

We work alongside and complement the traditional Guardianship providers, accredited with AEGIS, (Association for the Guardianship of International Students) universities and boarding schools to further enhance the safety of our students.

All students have differing levels of insecurities and requirements. Some only require assistance at the time of crisis or emergency whilst others will require a more comprehensive level of service. We develop a personalised safety plan that is tailored to the needs of the student and those of their families.

We have developed a safety and well-being package that is low in cost but high in value and will provide the solution to reduce the fears and vulnerabilities of students, parents and guardians.

Find out more about our safety packages for boarding school students HERE.