What Price Do You Put On Your Child's Welfare?

Student Safety UK are personal welfare and well-being professionals who possess all the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge that create a safe environment for overseas students.

We provide families and students with the reassurance and support that will allow them to enjoy their time studying in the UK.

We understand that moving to a foreign country thousands of miles away from home is an anxious and stressful time both for the student, but equally so for parents and guardians.

Our personal safety and well being packages are delivered by professional coordinators. We are able to reduce those fears and concerns by implementing a range of bespoke one to one welfare measures that are designed to keeping the student safe, supporting them through difficult situations, providing guidance and counsel, along with being a visible presence throughout their time in the UK.

Our goal is to ensure students have an enjoyable, memorable and successful time studying in the UK.

Students Attending UK Universities

Feeling safe while studying at a UK university is a top consideration for many international students and their families when they start thinking about where to go to university. Enjoying a sense of security, comfort and happiness during their time at university can make the difference between staying on and getting a good degree or deciding to look elsewhere or even drop out altogether.

Our bespoke safety and security packages are designed to keep students safe throughout their time whilst studying. 

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Students Attending Foundation & Pathway Courses

We want our students experience when coming to the UK to study to be a positive one. We have put together a comprehensive range of safety and security measures that will keep students safe when attending short term courses here in the UK. 

From the moment they land to the day they depart, our safety coordinators are there to guide, support and reassure, delivering a complete safety package. 

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Students attending UK Boarding School's

We work closely with UK boarding schools providing specialist safety and security protocols that allow children to enjoy all the benefits a boarding school environment has to offer. 

Offering services such as physical tracking, and in depth screening of guardianships and host families, our dedicated team of experts put the safety and well being of the child as priority.

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Summer Schools Students 

We understand that for many overseas students, their experience at Summer School may be their first time away from home. Whatever their individual circumstances, or unique background, we recognise that as a young student coming to the UK, they should always be comfortable, secure and happy, throughout their stay.

Our trained safety experts ensure all their students are given the information, reassurance and support they will need to keep them safe. 

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