Our Consultant - Swameeka Medhi

Swameeka started her career as an IT consultant but later shifted to the education sector. She realised the need to mentor and help students make informed education and career decisions during her work assignment with a popular public-research university in India. Now, she has over 12 years of experience in the education sector - from helping students choose right programs and careers in India to assisting study abroad aspirants with the competitive application processes, mentoring through 
profile building and choosing the right courses and universities worldwide. A trained classical vocalist and a certified digital marketing strategist, Swameeka always finds time for her passion towards music and keeps herself updated with latest digital marketing trends. According to her, humour is her USP that helps her connect with people from any age group.

Swameeka is an excellent communicator and extremely knowledagble regarding the international student experience and lifestyle. She is able to advise and guide students and their families as to getting the best out of their time studying in the UK using the services of Student Safety UK as their support network.

If you would like to contact Swameeka, she can be contacted on +6586547626, alternatively you can contact via email at swameeka@studentsafetyuk.co.uk .