Crisis Management & Support for International Students

From personal security and safety, to global pandemics, we have created a series of strategies and processes to manage systemic risks for international students studying in the UK, along with policies to mitigate the risks and problems they encounter during their time here.

In today's volatile educational environment, students face countless risks, fragilities, and threats both in terms of their personal welfare and safety but from the threats the cyber world offer too.

We are experts in risk management and crisis resolution and have developed frameworks to anticipate systemic risks and events beyond the students control, such as becoming a victim of crime, being involved in an accident, experiencing problems with harassment, accommodation issues, pandemics, and cybersecurity matters to name a few.

In a rapidly changing environment and unfamiliar culture, students find will themselves in all sorts of problems and situations that they are unable to deal with and resolve alone. That’s where we come in. 

From the moment our students arrive here in the UK, we educate and advise them informally of the risks, dangers and situations they should look to avoid. If they find themselves in need of help, we are immediately available, with our team of coordinators being on call 24/7. Our experience allows us to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions to our student’s personal situations.

Because we work for the student and their family, our response is immediate unlike the support offered by educations institutions whose support services are limited to set hours and cater for the thousands of students attending their establishments.

Because of our experience and knowledge, there is no crisis or situation that we cannot deal with and fix.

We want our students to be safe and happy, and this cannot be achieved if there is a situation they are dealing with without help.

There are times when we all need someone to rely on.