Money & Finance for International Students

Like most developed countries, the UK now benefits from an online banking service, however, there still remains some banks and money transfer companies available on the high street for customers to walk in.

Arranging and accessing the banking system can often be challenging and frustrating, even more so if like a lot of international students who have difficulty in understanding the processes and conversation.

At Student Safety UK, we help students set up their preferred banking method, and walk them through the steps of being able to deposit and access their money, easily and safely.

We provide advice on how to keep their money and finances safe and avoid becoming a victim of a scam or theft.

If a student has a problem with their finances or have difficulty replacing cards, cheque book or other important documents, we are here to help.

We understand the UK banking system and all the obstacles that have to be negotiated in order to bank safely and without hassle.

Our coordinators are always on hand, so if a student finds themselves without a bank card or cash due to them losing it or having it stolen, not a problem, we can help and provide emergency funds and get the replacements ordered and on their way.

We understand that worrying about finances can have a negative impact on their studies, that is why we do everything we can to make sure our students are aware of the way we bank here, and what to if they have a problem.