Earlier this month, members of Student Safety UK travelled to Vietnam and met with families and education agents to discuss the promotion of our services for Vietnamese students who are coming to the UK to study in 2020. The trip was a huge success with everyone supporting what we do and the need for our services.

Vietnam's economy is on the up, and with this increase in productivity and wealth, comes a demand for better education. The government of Vietnam has recognised this demand and offers support and incentives for those citizens who wish to take advantage of the outward looking policy.

As with other nationalities, parents want the best for their child, but are apprehensive at the thought of them being nearly 6000 miles away without having the safety net of their family to be there for them.

The Vietnamese families and agents we met with understood this dilemma, but felt reassured that a service such as ours was on hand to allay those fears.

We look forward to working with our colleagues from Vietnam and the students  from such a fantastic country coming to study in the UK.

They can be rest assured, living in London or Lincoln will be a far cry from living in Hanoi. 

Read more about our services for Vietnamese studentes here

Tạm biệt