The Future of Studying in the UK After Covid 19

The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out in the UK is far ahead of the rest of Europe and amongst the best in the world. The UK is expected to be one of the first countries in the world to be fully vaccinated, likely by summer 2021, meaning September 2021 entry will be safe.

International students in the UK will be able to access the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine as it is rolled out across the country, meaning they may receive the vaccine quicker in the UK than their home country and will be protected when returning home.

September 2021 Entry

The UK government published its Covid-19 roadmap in February 2021 and, ahead of the next main student intake in September 2021, UK universities are processing international applications as normal and traditional study and learning is expected to return.

Teaching has partially moved online for those currently studying at a UK university. Campuses are open, but a form of hybrid learning is currently taking place, with face-to-face tuition and digital lectures and seminars allowing social distancing guidelines to be followed.

England will return to something close to normal life no earlier than 21 June, under the terms of a roadmap out of lockdown unveiled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson today.

Mr Johnson described the plan as “a one-way road to freedom”, but cautioned that measures could be paused at any time if the data makes clear that relaxatios have increased the danger from Covid-19.

In an upbeat message, he said: “The end really is in sight and a wretched year will give way to a spring and a summer that will be very different and incomparably better than the picture we see around us today.”

Mr Johnson’s plan will see schools reopen to all pupils from 8 March, while non-essential shops, outdoor dining and beer gardens could open no earlier than 12 April and indoor mixing, drinking and dining, hotel visits and limited crowds at sporting events return from 17 May at the earliest.

From 21 June, if all goes to plan, the final restrictions on nightclubs, summer festivals and mass-attendance events like concerts and football matches could be lifted.