Staying Safe Whilst Studying in The UK

We are trusted by families all over the world to look after the welfare and well being of international students. 

Student Safety UK are personal safety professionals who possess all the professional skills, expertise and knowledge that create a safe environment for overseas students.

We provide families and students from all over the world with the reassurance and support that will allow them to enjoy their time studying in the UK.Students at Nottingham University

We understand that moving to a foreign country thousands of miles away from home is an anxious and stressful time both for the student, but equally so for parents and guardians.

Our personal safety and well being packages are delivered by trained professional coordinators, and will reduce those fears and concerns by implementing a range of bespoke safety measures that are aimed at keeping the student safe, supporting them through difficult situations, providing guidance and education, along with being a visible presence throughout their time in the UK.

We have bespoke safety packages for all international students coming to the UK to study that cater for all ages, courses and environments. 

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please email us to arrange a time and date. We are happy to WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime.

Our Services

More details of the services we provide along with our fees can be found here, or Phiên dịch




Our expert coordinators operate throughout the United Kingdom

    Personal Safety Coordinator Providing 24/7 Availability for Students & Their Family 

    Agency & Police Liaison

    Crisis Management & Support

    Personal Safety Plan 

    Accommodation Advice Selection & Arrangement

    Personal Insurance Package

    Airport Pickup & Transfer to Accommodation

    Personal Safety Plan 

    Pre-Departure Safety Presentation & Briefing + Communication Pack

    30 Years Experience 

    More services can be found here

Client Reviews  
Mrs L. Ho Chi Min City Mr P. Hanoi
Our daughter is studying at Lincoln University and we feel so much happier she is in the care of Student Safety UK. They meet with her on a regular basis, and have been with her when she has had problems with her accommodation and a boy that was bothering her. Using them gives my family alot of reassurance.  Although my son is very confident, he had not been to England before, so we thought it was best he had someone he could rely on if there was a problem. Student Safety UK are very experienced and helpful, and have helped our son a lot. They are like his friend and are very reliable.