Safety and Welfare Packages for All ages of Overseas Students

University Students 16-23 Years

Looking after the welfare and well-being of international students studying at a UK university is the core aim of Student Safety UK. Our team of safety experts provide 24/7 assistance and support for students and their families who take their well-being seriously.

We are aware of and understand the issues and risks that exist for young people living in the UK. For an overseas student these these problems can be unknown until it's too late.

We all know that young people will be tempted by their new-found freedom away from home and in a new culture. They may try alcohol or drugs or become involved
in unsuitable relationships. They may not realise that their accommodation is in an unsafe area. They may simply get lost, be unaware of personal or road safety or get caught up in a situation they can’t handle. They may be more visible to criminals because they are outsiders and become embroilled in criminal activity, sometimes against their will.

Student Safety UK provide a fully inclusive safety package that is individually tailored to our clients lifestyle, surroundings and personal circumstances. We understand the risks they face, and work with the client to minimise those risks, allowing them to have an enjoyable and trouble free learning experience here in the UK.

Details of our university student safety package are here.

International Boarding School Students

Here at Student Safety UK we applaud the sterling work carried out by our strategic partners involved in the welfare and care of overseas boarders in the UK.

Our services work alongside boarding schools and guardianships, providing an enhanced service to the child's welfare and safety. We operate independently of any school or authority and are therefore able to provide a focused service specifically for the benefit of our students.

Our services go beyond guardianships and school provisions, always keeping the child in mind and ensuring they are safe and supported 24/7.

Our safety packages include carrying out due diligence against host families, and guardianships to ensure no inappropriate persons have access to the student, as well as providing an independent support network that keeps our student clients welfare at the heart of what we do.

Details of our boarding school security package are here.

Summer School and Short Term Student Places

Student Safety UK create safe and secure surroundings for international students arriving in the UK for a short term summer or winter camp. Our safety experts assess all elements of the child's stay, putting in place measures that will allow the student freedom to enjoy the UK, but at the same time feel secure and confident.

Safety and security at UK summer schools presents a number of unique challenges not faced by schools teaching students during term-time, when schools typically have a defined perimeter and controlled access points. Camps can be open, their borders often marked by little more than a tree line, and everyone involved in their security acknowledges the need to strike a balance between safety and preserving the sense of freedom and openness emblematic of the study camp experience.

Additionally, students from other countries may not understand the rules put in place for their safety. They may be tempted to try alcohol or drugs. And of course the trips and activities expose the children to risks such as getting lost, road safety or even kidnapping.

During the course of the child's stay, our security coordinators act as advisors on trips, providing security at hotels, theme parks, museums and travel, whilst keeping tabs on the students using the latest gps tracking technology. 

Details of our summer school security package are here.